Pipeline Operator Qualification

The Pipeline Operator Qualification courses are designed to assist pipeline operators in meeting the requirements of the DOT Operator Qualification Rule (including Subpart N 49 CFR Part 192 and Subpart G 49 CFR Part 195). The DOT Rule requires pipeline operators to develop and maintain a written qualification program for individuals performing covered tasks on pipeline facilities. The DOT also requires that pipeline operators qualify their workforce on covered tasks.

The ASME- and API-Based Covered Tasks courses align with the ASME B31Q and API RP 1161 standards, and the courses follow the task numbering structure. In addition to the ASME- and API-Based courses, you will find general pipeline operator qualification courses listed by category that are based on comprehensive topics. These courses may touch on one or more covered tasks. A link to a Performance Evaluation form is included with applicable courses to assist in documenting the field evaluation.

ASME-Based Covered Tasks

API-Based Covered Tasks

OQ General