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ExxTend Learning™ LMS Enterprise Solution

Your Complete Enterprise Learning Solution

ExxTend Learning™ is not your run-of-the-mill LMS – it’s an enterprise-level LMS designed to help large organizations efficiently administer their training programs and comply with ever-changing regulations. ExxTend Learning will help you structure, deliver, and report on employee training – all within one LMS.

With a wide variety of curriculum assignment options, course authoring capabilities, multi-group membership for Users, competency tracking/documentation, and even a Class Manager for instructor-led training, the ExxTend Learning LMS meets the needs of organizations requiring an enterprise-level LMS.

Benefits of our Enterprise Solution!

• Org Structure – Set up the group tree at cascading levels to match your organization’s structure.
• Curriculum Structure and Reporting – Assign curriculum and generate reports on an individual basis or on multiple levels for ease of assignment and reporting, including Groups, Jobs, Roles, and Tracks.
• Inherited Training – Engage the Role Progression feature so that learners assigned to specific Roles will automatically inherit assignments.
• Equivalencies – Create a set of equivalent courses to satisfy training requirements.
• Multi-Tenancy – Generate reports on and share your content with other sites and contractors that use ExxTend Learning.
• Opt-In Tracks – Create a pool of courses from which the learner can select a required number of courses to earn credit.

• Course Delivery Flexibility – Select from a variety of content delivery modes to assist learners with knowledge retention. Modes include Learn, Study, Test, Adaptive, and Open-Book.
• Content Format Variety – Utilize an array of content types, including SCORM, AICC, Download, External, Order, Register, and Run.
• Course Setting Options – Customize Run-type courses with an assortment of 25+ settings.
• Course Categorization – Categorize courses using built-in categories, or create custom categories for easier searching and reporting.
• Course Map – Quickly view how and where courses are assigned.
• Training Paths – Assign prerequisites to create training paths for learners, promoting skill development and success within their Role.
• Content Sharing – Share content you have created across the organization or to other organizations that use
ExxTend Learning.
• Course Credit Options – Select from an assortment of crediting options, including Final Test, Credit by Completion, Administrator Credit, Self-Credit, and Proctoring.

• Resource Conflict Notification – Avoid double-booking a classroom, equipment, or an instructor with system notifications.
• Course Material Downloads – Make course materials available for download prior to the class.
• Class Prerequisites – Require class prerequisites, such as another class or a CBT course.
• Waitlisting – Provide a waitlisting option for students when a class if full.
• Auto Enroll – Enable the Auto Enroll option for waitlisted students; they will be automatically enrolled when another student drops the class.
• Add/Drop Classes – Give students the flexibility to add or drop themselves from classes.
• Autogenerated Sign-In Sheet – Quickly print a class sign-in sheet listing the class date, title, and student roster.
• Crediting – Credit students en masse or use other advanced options to credit for attendance.

• User Profile Information – Store pertinent User data such as email address, hire date, title, addresses, phone numbers, SSN, birthdate, and any notes; fields can also be customized to suit your organization.
• Administrator Permissions – Enable specific permissions for assignment and reporting by admins or supervisors.
• Multi-Group Membership – Give Users membership to multiple groups across the organization.

• My Reports – Choose from over 20 reports that Users can run to track their training.
• Admin Reports – Utilize over 50 reports to generate specific data on Users, Courses, and Classes across the organization.
• Multiple Reporting Levels – Generate reports based on Groups, Jobs, Roles, and Tracks.