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Off-the-Job Safety

Course Library

A complete library for all of your off-the-job safety training needs.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), approximately 24,000 individuals are killed each year in home accidents — an average of about 65 deaths per day. The NSC reports that about 3.6 million people are injured in home accidents, which means that one person out of 60 was disabled for one or more days. About 100,000 of these injuries resulted in permanent impairment. With these statistics, it cannot be overly emphasized that home safety is extremely critical. At home, we are all too familiar with our environment and the potential for serious mishaps.

OverNite Software’s Off-the-Job Safety library ensures that you are aware of the safety issues outside of your work environment and supplies you with the proper tools needed to handle any situation. This library contains 29 courses, including: Safe Driving Practices, Boating Safety, Poison Control, Stress Management, and Heat Stress Prevention.

Our courses are delivered via a state-of-the-art learning management system that allows you to customize curricula, adjust testing parameters, and even customize courses with site-specific content and photos.

Off-the-Job Safety Course Descriptions

501 Poison Control

Poison Control addresses frequency of poisonings, types of household poisons, safe poison storage programs, and poisoning response. (30 min)

502 Stress Management

Stress Management explores stress management; time management and goal setting; personal rewards; proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep; positive thinking; changing personal outlooks; stress response; open communication; and the Ten Commandments for Managing Stress. (35 min)

503 Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness examines effective exercise programs, training phases, the basis for effective training, types of exercises, and how men and women burn calories differently. (30 min)

504 Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning explores the steps and rules for spring cleaning, climbing ladders, and lifting. (35 min)

505 Home Safety

Home Safety explores prevention of injuries and accidental death in the home; prevention of falls, burns/fires, drowning, electrocution, and suffocation; and kitchen and garage safety. (50 min)

506 Summer Safety

Summer Safety addresses swimming and boating safety; treatment of common summer allergies, sunburn, stings, and bites; safety rules when barbecuing; recognizing and avoiding heat stress and dehydration; and avoiding and treating motion sickness. (35 min)

507 Have a Safe Trip

Have a Safe Trip addresses how to protect your home when you are away; first aid kits; proper packing; trip and vacation safety measures; how to avoid becoming a crime victim on cruises and in hotels; medical concerns while traveling; minimizing jet lag; and safety concerns when traveling abroad. (95 min)

508 Back to School Safety

Back to School Safety addresses deciding if your child is mature enough to stay home alone; appropriate methods for buckling up children, infants, and toddlers; safety guidelines for walking and riding a bus to and from school; and playground equipment safety. (35 min)

509 Hunting Safety

Hunting Safety explores: safe use of firearms; hunting safety; safe and ecological camp setup; and what to do if you become lost. (35 min)

510 Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention addresses types and use of fire extinguishers; importance of home smoke detectors, fire drills, and fire safety inspections; home fireplace safety; and fire safety away from home. (55 min)

511 Winter Preparation

Winter Preparation addresses wintertime preparations for home and auto, and precautions for pets and plants during the winter. (40 min)

512 Christmas Safety

Winter Preparation addresses wintertime preparations for home and auto, and precautions for pets and plants during the winter. (30 min)

513 Weight Control

Weight Control addresses the basics of healthy eating; weight-loss exercise routines; other weight-loss methods; and helping children learn about healthy weight maintenance. (60 min)

514 Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Safety examines types of car seats; age and weight requirements for various car and booster seats; car seat selection; car seat positioning; harness types; car seat installation; proper strap adjustment; the LATCH system; proper seatbelt placement; and infant stabilization. (45 min)

515 Smoking Awareness

Smoking Awareness explores the dangers and costs of tobacco use and methods of stopping tobacco use. (25 min)

516 Hypertension

Hypertension examines the causes, detection, and prevention of hypertension. (25 min)

517 Heat Stress Prevention

Heat Stress Prevention teaches the learner about heat stress, serious consequences of heat-related illnesses, heat stress first aid, and heat stress prevention. (40 min)

518 Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Safety examines history and classification; common fireworks injuries; safe handling of consumer fireworks; and spectator safety at professional exhibitions. (30 min)

519 Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer addresses the likelihood of developing skin cancer; causes and contributing factors; types and common warning signs; reducing the risks of skin cancer; common treatments; and self-examination. (40 min)

520 Bites and Stings

Bites and Stings explores types of parasitic and defending insects, bite prevention, and problems caused by bites and stings. (40 min)

521 Preventing Sports Injuries

Preventing Sports Injuries examines common sports injuries, injury prevention, common injuries in child athletes, and how to prevent these injuries. (40 min)

522 Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety addresses general hazards of Halloween and specific hazards of costumes and trick-or-treating. (15 min)

523 Handling Food Safely

Handling Food Safely addresses food poisoning, proper food storage, food spoilage, sanitization, and safe food preparation. (45 min)

524 Toy Safety

Toy Safety addresses toy warning labels, toy hazards, toy safety, toy storage, storage hazards, and age-appropriate toy selection. (55 min)

525 Safe Driving Practices

Safe Driving Practices explores common traffic law violation; driving and road hazards; and safe vs.dangerous driving practices. (30 min)

526 Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety addresses the benefits of bicycle riding; bicycle maintenance; and road safety laws. (35 min)

527 Boating Safety

Boating Safety explores basic boating terms; navigational Rules; required and recommended equipment for safe boating; avoiding common accidents; radioing for help on the water; buoys and markers in the U.S.; Aids to Navigation System; and safety precautions for different types of water recreation. (55 min)

528 Home Fall and Ladder Safety

Home Fall and Ladder Safety explores risks of fall-related injuries; causes of trips and slips; precautions for increasing safety at home; ladder inspection; and safe ladder use. (35 min)

529 Creating Streetwise Kids

Creating Streetwise Kids explores taking responsibility for children’s safety and protecting them from harm; safety rules for walking to and from school, the playground, and in the neighborhood; protecting children from drugs, alcohol, guns, and violence; handling bullies and sexual harassment; preventing children from accessing questionable content on the Internet; and protecting children from online predators. (55 min)