Do you recall starting a new job or getting a promotion that came with a hefty learning curve and then being left to fend for yourself? Or perhaps you were only given the minimal tools you needed merely to get the job done? Alternatively, you may have been fortunate enough to work for a company that saw the immeasurable and lasting benefits an effective and efficient training program could offer. In either case, you surely recognized the short-term benefits of training. While training does deliver immediate results, the results of training are far-reaching.

  • Effective training sets up your employees for long-term success.
  • Efficient training sets up your business for long-term success.

Why is motivating and inspiring your employees through training essential?

A proper training program will convey to your workforce that they are worth the investment. An in-house or outsourced program that can get the job done while delivering engaging and stimulating content is an essential goal.

From the new hire to your long-standing employee, training is a glimpse into their futures. Whether by traditional classroom setting, a mentorship, or a web-based system, your ongoing training program should be motivating and inspiring. By prioritizing training as an investment in your employees, you create an influential culture of excellence and productivity as well as reap positive long-term results for your company.

How can you motivate and inspire your employees through training?

Make it important.

A key element in garnering your employee’s excitement around training will be to cascade your leadership’s positive attitude toward it. Management should model educational growth as a high priority before asking their employees to make it one themselves. The best way to motivate and inspire your team is to lead by example.

Make it individual.  

Indeed, it’s not possible nor cost-effective for most training programs to be tailor-made. However, identifying specific personalities, learning styles, and generational characteristics of each employee and adapting the curriculum where possible will create a unique learning experience.

Make it inclusive.

From the most senior experienced employee to the new intern, ensuring everyone on your staff is involved in the process of continuous training and growth will be a vital tool in your motivational learning program. Creating a climate of continued growth will reinforce an environment of inclusion at all levels.

Make it interesting.

To be sure, some training modules will be lackluster or for compliance purposes only. However, usingcaptivating methods and media will metaphorically take your staff from merely sitting in a parked car to driving on the track. Stacking in some fun activities and rewards throughout your program will encourage engagement and add excitement.

Make it intentional.

An employee who feels there is a purpose to their training course will be more apt to sink their teeth in. Second only to the motivation behind their forthcoming paycheck, challenging them to be the best in their field offers them job security and promotes overall success for your business.

Finally, incorporating a learning management system that can be customized and is progressive as well as enjoyable will increase productivity and create a training environment for your workforce that proves to be both motivating and inspiring.