When researching and making decisions on software that fits your particular company’s needs, pay careful attention to the level of customer service you will be receiving. Top-notch software is important, but customer service is just as important in the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model. A company can provide amazing software, but if customer service is lacking, potential clients should look elsewhere.

It is no secret that a service-oriented business is only as good as their customer service. Unsatisfied clients will not continue to spend their money on a service-related piece of software that isn’t backed by dedicated customer support. When searching for software that meets your business development needs, whether it be in the area of maintenance or employee training, be sure to seek out a company that will be available and can ensure that your needs are met and questions answered in a timely and efficient manner.

Ponder these questions as you seek out an SaaS provider that will not only satisfy your company’s software needs but will also tick the boxes of customer service.

Will the SaaS provider …

  • Have a live person answer your call rather than an automated answering system?
  • Offer assistance in optimizing the use of the software?
  • Furnish frequent training classes and webinars to assist those who will be administrating the software?
  • Accommodate for on-site consultation and training?
  • Be willing and skilled to offer custom programming and administrative services to tailor to your specific needs?
  • Instill a feeling of security in a long-term working relationship?
  • Roll out regular updates to the software, including new features, bug fixes, enhancements, and your “wish list” items?

A cumulative “yes” to all of these questions could indicate a mutually beneficial relationship with an SaaS application provider. Making customer service a high priority for any service-oriented business is crucial – both for the services you provide as well as those you use. Be mindful not to sell your potential investment short by disregarding the value of how an SaaS provider’s customer service can enhance your workplace and empower your workforce.

In a nutshell, when choosing a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, they should not only offer the software to meet your business development needs, but they should also cater to your service needs. While quality software is good and customer service is good, one without the other will be nothing more than okay. One without the other will eventually bring frustration. The pairing of the two, however, can add significant value to the success of your business.

OverNite Software, Inc., understands how offering the highest level of customer service, along with creating and implementing customized eLearning software, helps you support a satisfied and qualified team and offers a continued focus on your needs for a successful, long-term relationship.